sábado, 22 de diciembre de 2007

The greatfulness of our visitors

As I told before: especially Panamanians living abroad are very happy with our site: CoolPanama.com

They can stay in contact with their beloved country by means of the tv stations we offer them, with our Panama chat room or by listening to one of the 95 Panamanian radio stations we have listed for them. Also the live webcams and the tons of Panamanian music we offer makes their heart light up.

We have had some great comments of people who visit our site. Thanking us for our services and our site. I will list a few of them here, they are in Spanish :

-Esilda wrote us :
Hola deseo enviarles mis saludos y agradecimiento por estar en contacto con mi PANAMA, soy PANAMEÑA y resido en Puerto Rico y le doy gracias a Dios y a ustedes por está PAGINA. ya q estoy diariamente en contacto con mi PANAMA, gracias y mis sinceras felicitaciones.

-Wago said:
Desde la orrilla del Rio Odra-Polonia Familia ***** de Polonia les enviamos nuestros calurosos saludos Navidenas a todo los Panamenos y a los Kunas de Panama. Saludos a todos funcionarios de CooLPanama. Todo los dias escuchamos las emisoras de Panama el programa es fantastico. FELIZ NAVIDAD te deseamos a todo Ustedes Familia Kuna-Polonia.

-Danis wrote:
Les escribo para desirles que es una de mis paginas favoritas a qui encuentro lo que deseo gracias.

hey loco me gusta mucho tu web site estoy en los estados unidos y esta es la unica forma de estar en contacto con la mejor musica del mundo la musica panamena

-Maciel told us:
Hy chicos, I really love your web side is very interactive and I always
listen to my music from here. I'm contected with Panama thanks to your services.

Esta bien priti esa pagina de web. siguen asi pa' lante.
ofi!, jacobo

-Finally Zoroel:
esta muy buena la idea de tener mas de cerca todo lo que tiene que ver con lo que pasa en el pais para las personas que se encuentran en U.S.A thank's la estan botando con las misoras respect.

We are very pleased that so many people are happy with our site. They are the reason why we like to make this site a succes, keep it updated and adding more services for their pleasure.

Thanks for your kind words and ... spread the word : CoolPanama.com !

lunes, 26 de noviembre de 2007

CoolPanama.com is HOT!

Especially with people living outside of Panama and who want to stay connected to their home base or roots.
They come to the site and get live information or music from their favorite radio, tv station or online newspaper.

Also they like to chat to their fellow countrymen, make new friends, greet old ones and keep informed about the latest hot thing in their beloved Panama.

Many Panamanians (who live in Panama) just come into chat and have fun with the people in the chat. Or they watch videos about Panama or music videos. Or watch the live webcams.

The site will keep expanding with new stuff and services for people linked to Panama.
Keep coming back to see the new stuff.

jueves, 15 de noviembre de 2007

CoolPanama.com : Panama Live! Streaming TV and radio from Panama.

CoolPanama.com is really taking off ....

It is getting more and more popular and more and more people find it through the net.

The name CoolPanama.com is getting high in the search engine lists, and is easily findable.

Especially our chat is popular, also our media player with live Panamanian TV and live radio from Panama is a huge hit.
Come and join the people from Panama.

martes, 9 de octubre de 2007

Nuevo Sitio Web !!! www.CoolPanama.com

El nuevo sitio web de Panamá en Vivo! esta en línea ... el nuevo nombre es : http://www.CoolPanama.com/

domingo, 15 de abril de 2007

Benvenidos a Panamá en Vivo ! Blog

Hello and welcome. This is the blog connected to the site http://home.12move.nl/panamaradiostations/ .

Edit : this site is no longer active, the new site is :

Here we can interact and and talk about anything to do with Panama in general and the website in particular, and the radio stations from Panama.